Performance Upgrade Kits

Boost your machine’s performance with one of our Upgrade Kits!

Our Performance Upgrade Kits are a great solution for customers looking for a boost in performance without investing in a new wheel.

Upgrade Kit on a 252

The new wheel pattern provided with our Upgrade Kits uses fewer teeth than a standard setup for these machines, so it costs less!

Fewer teeth mean less drag!

The separation between the teeth allows your machine to regain RPM before starting the next cut.

Upgrade Wheel

These upgrade kits include a new setup for your machine with the 900 Series LoPro® pockets & our Wearsharp® Greenteeth®, along with a new wheel pattern.

To further improve the performance of the machine, the Rayco kits also include a v-belt & sheave to increase RPM, as well as a longer chip containment guard.

Using a larger tooth & MORE of the tooth, you’ll cut faster with your machine’s stock wheel!

The Wearsharp® Advantage

The unique design of our Wearsharp® allows the tooth to retain a sharp cutting surface, unlike traditional teeth that tend to round over. This provides a consistent cut throughout the life of the tooth, allowing you to maintain a faster sweep speed.

900 Series Greenteeth® Specifications Wrench Size (in) Nut Size (in) Carbide (in) Torque (ft. lbs.)
Wearsharp® 2-Sided Shank
7/16" 14
35 (47Nm)

LoPro® Bolts

LoPro<sup>®</sup> Bolts

  • Designed specifically to fit the angled shoulder of the LoPro® pockets
  • 1/2" Allen Drive
  • Smooth shank that reduces wheel wear
  • Extraction slot at the end of the bolt for easy removal in case of breakage
  • All LoPro® bolts should be torqued 180 ft. lbs. with Green-Seize™, or 240 ft. lbs. dry