Back in the 90s, Kevin Green was an arborist in small town America frustrated with the amount of down time resulting from having to replace broken or dull teeth in the field. He knew there had to be a better way.

He shared his frustrations with a friend, and together an idea was formed. What if you could turn or replace a tooth in the field without having to remove the pocket?

Using scrap metal, the two men shaped a shank & attached a round carbide tip to the end. They formed pockets from steel plate, fitted the pocket onto the stump grinder & bolted the teeth into the pockets.

Despite the frigid February temperatures, the two men couldn't wait to test their invention. The braved the cold to fire up the stump grinder to see what happened. The results blew them away! Even with frost more than a foot & a half deep, the new teeth cut the stump and frozen ground like butter!

Realizing they were onto something important, Kevin launched Green Manufacturing to make & distribute our patented Greenteeth® to tree care professionals around the world.


This early pattern or testing, innovation & high performance came to define Green as a company and still drives our work today. Using the latest technology and sophisticated CNC machining equipment, we continue to develop products that work better and last longer to further decrease the amount of time and energy operators have to spend on each job.

We focus on environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes and continue, to this day, to proudly make all our products in the USA.

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