The Reverse-S™ Cutting System
Better By Design™


The Reverse-S™ wheel is currently available for the Vermeer 502, 505, 602, 50TX, 60TX, SC652, 852, 1152, Carlton 3500, 4400, 7015, and the Rayco Super RG 50!

What sets the Reverse-S™ Cutting System apart from other wheels is the unique placement of the pockets in a reverse spiral, step-out design that creates different cutting planes. These planes create a specific cutting pattern that:

  • Provides a larger overall cutting arc
  • Ensures the teeth are taking the proper amount of material for each pass
  • Allows you to maintain a faster sweep speed

This wheel uses our 900 series LoPro® pockets along with our 2-sided Wearsharp® teeth.

900 Series LoPro Pockets

Introduced in 2006, the LoPro® series of pockets have a slim design that allows for 3/4" clearance between the side of the pocket and the stump. This clearance prevents the pocket from rubbing against the stump, which reduces pocket wear and improves overall performance.

The Wearsharp® Advantage

The unique design of our Wearsharp® allows the tooth to retain a sharp cutting surface, unlike traditional teeth that tend to round over. This provides a consistent cut throughout the life of the tooth, allowing you to maintain a faster sweep speed.

900 Series Greenteeth® Specifications Wrench Size (in) Nut Size (in) Carbide (in) Torque (ft. lbs.)
Wearsharp® 2-Sided Shank
7/16" 14
35 (47Nm)

LoPro® Bolts

LoPro Bolts

  • Designed specifically to fit the angled shoulder of the LoPro® pockets
  • 1/2" Allen Drive
  • Smooth shank that reduced wheel wear
  • Extraction slot at the end of the bolt for easy removal in case of breakage
  • All LoPro® bolts should be torqued 180 ft. lbs. with Green-Seize™, or 240 ft. lbs. dry