500 Series LoPro®

500 Series LoPro; Pockets

The 500 Series is the smallest of our teeth & pockets. The pockets are only available in a straight & an angle. Every LoPro® pocket is designed to have each a threaded & counter-bored hole, so every pocket can fit on either side of the wheel.

Introduced in 2006, the LoPro® series of pockets have a slim design that allows for a 3/4" clearance between the side of the pocket and the stump. This clearance prevents the pocket from rubbing against the stump, which reduces pocket wear and improves overall performance.

500 Series Greenteeth®

500 Series LoPro<sup>®</sup> Teeth

There are two Greenteeth® options available for the 500 series: Red & Green.

  • The Red provide faster cutting, however have lower impact resistance when compared to the Green.

  • The Green provide more impact resistance, however offer a slower cut when compared to the Red.

500 Series Greenteeth® Specifications Wrench Size (in) Nut Size (in) Carbide (in) Torque (ft. lbs.)
Red & Green
5/16" 18
20 (27Nm)
The different teeth in each series are made to be interchangeable.

LoPro® Bolts

LoPro; Bolts

  • Designed specifically to fit the angled shoulder of the LoPro® pockets
  • 1/2" Allen Drive
  • Smooth shank that reduces wheel wear
  • Extraction slot at the end of the bolt for easy removal in case of breakage
  • All LoPro® bolts should be torqued 180 ft. lbs. with Green-Seize™, or 240 ft. lbs. dry