Greenteeth® Upgrade Kits Testimonials

Joe Sinco

“About two months ago I switched my Vermeer 252 over to your performance upgrade kit. Since then I have ground about 60 to 70 stumps, ranging from small to very large. I could not be happier with the performance. The six 900 series Wearsharp® teeth cut about 20% faster than my old set up. What I also like is when I am in the middle of a job and I have to rotate or change the teeth, it only takes about five minutes. My tooth costs are way down with only six teeth to buy or sharpen. Thank you for the great product."

Joe Sinco, Cardinal Stump Grinding, LLC
Maryville, IL

Matthew Nienhuis

“Switching to Greenteeth® has almost cut my time in half and doubled the amount of stumps I can do before having to replace. I have over 90 stumps done on one set of teeth. If I could sharpen them they would do another 80. I am very happy I switched to Greenteeth®

Matthew Nienhuis, Earth Solutions Inc.
Holland, MI