Reverse-S™ Cutting System Testimonials

William Ballard

"Let me start by saying that I can't say enough good things about Green Mfg. There is no other company out there that puts as much emphasis on customer service & product development. I purchased the new Reverse-S™ about a month ago after learning about it through a product tester and it is without a doubt the best money I have spent on stump grinding since the purchase of my 60TX. The system cuts much smoother, faster, and the teeth last much longer than my previous system. It was like adding another 20 hp to the machine. With production up, stress on the machine down, and teeth replacement way less frequent the Reverse-S™ is a win-win!”

William Ballard, Ballard Stump Grinding
Lineville, Al

Mike Williams

“Just received my new green wheel (Reverse-S™) with LoPro® pockets. I've been grinding stumps for 10 years and this new configuration has enabled me to grind a 36" freshly cut Douglas Fir stump in 11 minutes! Customer service was incredible and shipping was less than a week! I'm not easily impressed with much but this wheel is amazing and machine runs much smoother which I'm sure will reduce wear on it as well.“

Mike Williams, William’s Tree & Stump Removal
Ocklawaha, FL